The Diagnostic Imaging Center at Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital (UMSH) is a state-of-the-art facility accepting patient referrals from physicians throughout Michiana. The Imaging Center features Toshiba, Fuji, and McKesson equipment and software, which provides quality imaging capabilities to physicians.

Hours of Operation: 8am – 4:30pm

  • First available appointment for MRI & CT is at 8am and the last scheduled start time for an MRI & CT is 3pm.

MRI: The 1.5T Vantage Atlas provides one of the areas largest scanning openings at 65 cm and shortest closed scanners providing a more “open” feeling for patients. Some exams can be performed head-first or feet-first for patient comfort. Integrated headphones are provided supplying the patient with relaxing music of their choice.

CT: The 64 slice Aquilion provides up to a wide 50 cm diameter image of the patient allowing more anatomy to be visualized per image. The Aquilion has an industry leading “High” and “Low” contrast resolution capability allowing for greater tissue definition and superb image resolution. The table is made of high strength Carbon-Fiber with minimal image detection and the support capability of weights up to 450 lbs.

Ultrasound: the Xario XG provides exclusive improved equipment technology allowing for superior imaging resolution in standard imaging of the body. The system produces accurate flow and direction of veins and arteries with superior image resolution (even in small vessels) when performing vascular/Doppler exams.

Radiology/Fluoroscopy: The Kalare offers advanced technology for image quality and reduced radiation exposure to the patient and clinical staff.

Portable CXR: The FCR Go portable digital X-Ray system provided remote users the same functionality and sophisticated image processing available at the technologist workstation in The Imaging Center. Because the system accommodates wireless communication, images can be sent directly to PACS. With a built-in viewer, the X-Ray image can be viewed immediately after it has been taken.

PACS System: The McKesson Horizon PACS system provides unlimited concurrent users access to the patient’s images through an internet connection. With its built in interface, the radiologist has the ability to provide a personal note to the physician about the interpreted image.

For questions regarding The Diagnostic Imaging Center, contact Patricia Schaible, Radiology Director, at 574-231-6839, or via email at Orders may be faxed to 574-231-6154.


MRI Screening for Patients: Patients who have the following CANNOT have MRI’s:


Some surgically implanted devices are safe for MRI, some are not. These can be evaluated through researching the “IMPLANT” log that is available at Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital or by visiting the manufacturer’s website for that device.

These devices include (but are not inclusive):

  • Stents
  • Shunts
  • Heart Valves
  • Implants (other than inner ear)

All patients subject to any of the following will be evaluated further prior to entry into the scan room:

  • History of metal in or around the eyes
  • Metal fragments from gunshot or military injuries

All patients who have had surgically implanted devices should have been given a card to carry that will indicate what that device is, when it was implanted and information on MRI capability. A screening form is filled out prior to each patient being scanned and evaluated be the MRI technologist.

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