UMSH Joint Camp

The providers and multi-disciplinary team of Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital welcome you! We take pride in serving our patients and families, and we are committed to offering the best care and support to achieve your wellness goals.

Thank you for choosing Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital as your starting point for a better and pain-free tomorrow. We hope you notice we do things differently, and that’s what distinguishes us as the healthcare provider of choice. By choosing Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital in your journey to better health, you have made a wise decision that will impact your total health and well-being for many years to come.

You as the patient have the right to:

  • Receive the highest quality care
  • Receive appropriate assessment and pain management
  • Be admitted only if we can provide the care you need.


UMSH Joint Camps

Download our handbooks for our Hip Joint Camp and Knee Joint Camp:

Hip-Replacement-Handbook (Click to view)

Knee-Replacement-Handbook (Click to view)

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